driver picks the music

damn right I pick the music

24 January 1979
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[This is the RP journal for bromantic at campfuckudie. Icons were made by katharon and misty_creates]

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angel bitchboy, being a midget, being dad's bitch, being illiterate, being inferior to sam, being named after grandma, being tiny, being topped by angels, being topped by sam, being uncultured, busty asian beauties, buying a house, cas, castielxdean, concerned about my manliness, dean winchester is scared of kittens, demon pizzaboy dream rape, dewy sensitive eyes, dimples, doing the dishes, dreams coming true, emo bangs, engagement rings, floppy hair, forgetting sam's birthday, ghostbusters, girls with low self-esteem, guns, happily ever after, homoerotic tension, hooker sheets, i heart sam, idk my bff siren, inferior to my brother, john tesh, kenny g, killing demon shit, lederhosen, losing prankwars, loving sam best, movies, mowing the lawn, mullet rock, obeying orders, pie, pouty girly lips, princesses, protecting sam winchester, purple nurples, reo speedwagon, ridiculously long eyelashes, sammy, sparkly things, stds i am planning to get, stds i have, tall men from kansas, tender lovemaking, thinking myspace is porn, true love's first kiss, yanni