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[OOC] Player Info

I am bromantic
I play Oz Vessalius, Dean Winchester, Leto Atreides the II, James T. Kirk, Yuri Lowell, Koutake Haruki, Stefan Salvatore, Sherlock Holmes, Lance Lunis, Tyson Granger, Albert Heinrich and Kell-El

Contact Methods: hawkins.virgil at gmail dot com
Timezone and Scheduling Issues: GMT +8
Posting/Jumping/Thread-Dropping: I am always good for being jumped/co-posting/thread-dropped! Also I'm fine with the one-comment a day threads I AM PATIENT.
Comfort Levels: ... Anything's good? If I have a problem, I will definitely contact you.
Concrit/OOC issues: If you have any problems with my play, I appreciate it if you contacted me via email or you contacted me on cfud_concrit.
Goals: ... Uh. ...Yeah I got nothing /o\
Essays and Memes: I LOVE ESSAYING! I LOVE MEMES! ... idk what else goes here.
Beta-ing: I won't lie, I'm a terrible/flaky beta at times, so poking me and reminding me is encouraged. Mostly I check for voice and flow.
AU-ing: ... Yeah I can AU. Depends on the character though.
Final Comments: \o_O/
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